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Send or Receive a parcel anywhere across Dubai.


Outsourced Restaurant Delivery Services and Online Food Order Sourcing!

Why use Magneto?

We use world class technology

Real time tracking & SMS alert

Deliver across Dubai

Collect or Deliver a parcel

Fast delivery under one hour

Pay by Credit Card, Cash or On Account


Order Food Online

Huge discounts on EVERY order EVERY time you order

  • Place your food order and get a minimum 5% discount on every item, every time! Who knows, there may be bigger discounts waiting for you.

    You can now order food from any local Restaurant in three easy steps.

    - Learn how it works. - Order from inside the Restaurant.

    • Tell us where you are

      - Do you want food delivered or are you in the restaurant?

    • Choose a restaurant

      - Choose from all the restaurants who will deliver to your location.

    • Order your discounted food

      -Every item of food has a minimum 5% discount, every time.

    • Pay for your order

      - Cash or credit card, up to you.

    • Sit back and wait for your food to come to you

      - If you order from a restaurant that we deliver for, you can track your order right to your door step.

  • Order from inside the Restaurant

    • Choose the "I am in restaurant option"

      - Make use of our discounted food prices while sitting in the restaurant.

    • Order your discounted food through our App

      - The same way you would as if you were sitting on your couch.

    • Tell the waiter the code provided to you by our App

      - The code will match the order we have sent to the restaurant.

    • Sit back and wait for the waiter to bring your food

    • Settle the bill

      - Pay the restaurant in cash, or pay by card through our App.

Step 1

Download the Magneto App
Available for Android or iPhone the easiest way to order food, fast!

Step 2

Select your Restaurant
Select a Restaurant, then select your food order.

Step 3

Share your location
Share your location and submit your order. Pay by card or cash. Track your order in real-time.

Save 5% or more with
every order!!

Parcel Delivery

We pick up and deliver within an hour across Dubai

  • Make Magneto your delivery friend! You get our instant delivery services for just more than the cost of a cup of coffee!

    - Learn how it works. - What is the cost?

    • Download the Magneto App

      - Available for Android or iPhone.

    • Select your delivery option

      -"Collect a parcel" or "Go Fetch a parcel"

    • Share your delivery and pick up location

      - If you don't know a location, don't worry, we can get it for you.

    • Choose your preferred payment method

      -You can ask us to:

        ∗ make a payment for you,

        ∗ collect a payment for you, or

        ∗ pay by cash or credit card.

    • Track your order in real-time

      - Track your parcel via our App and receive live up to the minute updates.


    Make Magneto your instant delivery friend! Our instant delivery service is aimed at anyone who needs to send or receive a parcel across Dubai.

Step 1

Download the Magneto App
Available for Android or iPhone, the easiest way for fast delivery.

Step 2

Select your delivery option
Select between: Go fetch a parcel or Come get a parcel

Step 3

Share your location
Share your location and submit your order. Pay by card or cash. Track your order in real-time.

Restaurant Delivery Service

Your outsourced food delivery partner

  • A Delivery Service dedicated to RESTAURANTS only

    Magneto is a specialized delivery agent that operates an outsourced delivery service for restaurants through a automated technology platform. We provide fast quality service to both you and your client.

    - Become a Partner. - Benefits from using Magneto.
  • A Delivery Service dedicated to RESTAURANTS only BECOME A PARTNER

    Magneto operates as an outsourced partner in delivering the products of Restaurants to their customers. We help run the show by allowing restaurants to focus on their core skills & expertise.

    In addition we also cater to other organisations and businesses that may need anything to be delivered instantly.

  • Helping RESTAURANTS overcome Challenges

    • -

      We decrease un-utilized driver capacity.

    • -

      We always have drivers for peak time orders.

    • -

      No operations manager required anymore.

    • -

      We automate orders allocated to drivers.

    • -

      We keep your customer informed every stepof the way.

    • -

      We eliminate additional HR requirements.

    • -

      We reduce high costs per delivery.

Step 1

Send as an Enquiry
Send us an enquiry and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Step 2

Become a Partner
Once your signed up with us, you will have full access to our technology platform.

Step 3

Start placing orders
Place delivery orders on our restaurant portal and drivers will start arriving to deliver your food orders.

Our Smart Automated system provides

  • -

    Automated driver allocation to orders.

  • -

    Custom driver phone App to receive orders.

  • -

    Customer can share location.

  • -

    Driver App links stored GPS locations to Google Maps for drivers to follow to restaurant & customer.

  • -

    We speed up the food delivery.

  • -

    We save you time and money.

  • -

    Full MI of deliveries, including GPS location and step-by-step time analysis.

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